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February 26, 2024

February 26, 2024

Seed IP partners Kevin Costanza and Russell Pangborn to attend INTA's "The Business of Artificial Intelligence" conference | March 20-21

Seed IP partners Kevin Costanza and Russell Pangborn are scheduled to attend "The Business of Artificial Intelligence: Practical Applications in the IP Ecosystem" conference in New York City on March 20-21. The conference, presented by the International Trademark Association (INTA), will give attendees a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intellectual Property(IP) rights, and brand management. Attendees will get unique insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by AI technologies and how they practically impact the protection, enforcement, and commercialization of intellectual property assets.

Industry experts, thought leaders, legal professionals, and business executives will gather o explore the profound influence of AI on IP rights, its practical applications, and what every brand legal practitioner needs to know.

Key topics to be discussed include: 

* The role of AI in IP: understanding how AI technologies are transforming intellectual property rights creation, management, and enforcement

* AI-driven brand strategies: analyzing the impact of AI on brand development, marketing, and consumer engagement and surveys

* Legal and ethical considerations: examining the legal and ethical implications of AI in relation to intellectual property rights, including issues of ownership, infringement, data privacy,data reliability, and fair use

* Industry case studies: showcasing real-world examples of successful AI integration in IP management and brand strategies, highlighting best practices and lessons learned.

Conference Location | Convene at One Liberty Plaza, Corlandt Street (between Church & Broadway), New York City, NY 10006

Full Details & Registration | "The Business of Artificial Intelligence" Conference | March 20-21.

Learn more about International Trademark Association (INTA).

Attending from Seed IP:

Kevin S. Costanza | Managing Partner, Seed IP Law Group | Member, INTA Law Firm Committee | Chair, INTA Technology Subcommittee (part of INTA Law Firm Committee)

Russell C. Pangborn | Partner, Seed IP Law Group | Member, INTA Enforcement Committee | Former INTA Officer and Board Member

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