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October 19, 2022

October 17, 2022

Seed IP partner to attend BIO-IPCC Fall Conference — Nov. 14-16, Boston, MA

Seed IP partner, Qing (Becky) Lin, Ph.D., is scheduled to attend BIO's upcoming IP Counsels Committee (BIO-IPCC) Fall Conference, taking place November 14-16 in Boston, MA. The BIO IP Counsels Committee is made up of over 200 IP professionals employed by BIO member core R&D companies. The Committee meets four times a year (usually once per quarter), two meetings of which take place in-person. Working groups meet on an ad hoc basis or to give comments throughout the year on papers, letters, and other correspondence. The Committee’s mission is to promote strong, predictable intellectual property protection and efficient transfer of IP rights for the biotechnology industry domestically and internationally.

The BIO IP Counsels Committee Conference & Meeting began in 2004 as a service to BIO members – members of the BIO IP Counsels Committee, core R&D companies, and BIO member law firms and other service providers. The conference had two parts: 1) One or two in-person committee meetings where members receive updates from BIO and also have the opportunity to discuss recent challenges and experiences among industry colleagues; and 2) Educational sessions sponsored by expert law firms in the IP sector to keep BIO members up-to-date on the latest industry issues and events. In 2009, the meeting was opened to BIO non-members, including core R&D companies, government, academia, and service providers, and consisted of educational sessions and committee meetings, just as it does today.

Read more about Qing (Becky) Lin, Ph.D.

Official website and agenda for the BIO IP Counsels Committee Fall Conference.

Learn more about BIO.

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