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July 28, 2020

September 27, 2019

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Seed IP partner Russ Pangborn serves as panel leader at IP Horizon 5.0 Conference - September 26/27

Seed IP partner Russell C. Pangborn recently participated as the Panel Leader of "The future face of IP examination and asset evaluation" program at the IP Horizon 5.0 Conference: "Mapping opportunities and challenges in a globalised economy," which took place in Alicante, Spain, on September 26 & 27. The conference was co-organised by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the prestigious San Francisco-based McCarthy Institute, and was attended by over 400 attendees who gathered at the EUIPO.

The event covered issues at the forefront of Intellectual Property (IP), such as cutting-edge developments and artificial intelligence initiatives in the field of IP. Opportunities presented by global e-commerce and transformative technologies were also discussed, together with the future of IP jobs.

The conference brought together representatives from some of the leading IP offices in the world, international businesses, policy-makers, practitioners, academics and enforcement authorities for the two-day event, and was designed to encourage interactive discussion among participants about the questions that need to be considered in an ever-changing global economy.

Distinguished experts from various walks of IP life discussed a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Challenges of IP in a digital society
  • IP Policy initiatives
  • Cooperation in a globalised IP world
  • IP protection in e-commerce
  • Future of IP examination and asset evaluation
  • Transformative technologies in IP careers

The language of the conference was English.

Speakers on the "The future face of IP examination and asset evaluation" panel included:

Kathleen Cooney-Porter | Senior Trademark Advisor, United States Patent and Trademark Office
Ursula Schildt | Director, Digital Transformation Department, EUIPO
Kijoong Song | Deputy Director, Trademark Policy Division, Korean Intellectual Property Office
Daren Tang | Chief Executive, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
Takaaki Yamamoto | Member of the AI Project Team, Japan Patent Office

Full Conference Program | (The event date has now passed.)

Conference Website | (The event date has now passed.)

Learn more about Russell C. Pangborn


Speakers/panelists discussing “The future face of IP examination and asset evaluation” at the IP Horizon 5.0 Conference (Alicante, Spain; September 27, 2019)

Seed IP partner Russell Pangborn speaking on “The future face of IP examination and asset evaluation” panel at the IP Horizon 5.0 Conference (Alicante, Spain; September 27, 2019)

Left to right: Kijoong Song, Takaaki Yamamoto, Kathleen Cooney-Porter, Russell Pangborn, Daren Tang, and Ursula Schildt

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