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September 2, 2022

August 31, 2022

Two Seed IP attorneys to speak at upcoming webinar - "Mitigating Critical Risks for Business Clients" - Sept. 6

Seed IP attorneys, Brooke Quist and Brigid Mahoney, are scheduled to speak on intellectual property at an upcoming webinar, "Mitigating Critical Risks for Business Clients," taking place on September 6 from 7:55 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST. The webinar is presented by the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).

Their segment, entitled "Intellectual Property," will take place at 1:45-2:30 p.m. PST.

Additional topics to be discussed during the webcast:

Join us for this comprehensive program and be better prepared to identify common risks your business clients face and to advise on strategies and tools to mitigate them. Sessions include:

Business Tools for Risk Mitigation

The three key tools of legal infrastructure—(1) contracts, (2) insurance, and (3) entity and governance—and how to use them in different scenarios to mitigate risk.

Entity Choice and Limited Liability

The differences in compliance requirements and liability protection among types of entity and the key factors to consider in guiding a business to its best choice.

Employment Law Pitfalls

Review of federal and state basic employment principles (e.g., wage and hour compliance), as well as more complex issues such as ADA compliance and harassment and discrimination claims.

Multistate Operations

The steps a business must take to evaluate its “nexus” and the common requirements to do business in other states.

Critical Contract Terms

Key business relationships, related risks, and ways to use contracts to mitigate them.

Intellectual Property

The different types of IP and tools to help clients protect their IP and avoid disputes through use, registration, and contracts.


The components of a commercial lease— often the most complex, financially risky, and long-term contract a business enters into—and how to advise clients on their rights and obligations under it.

Data Privacy

How to ensure that your clients have systems in place to comply with multiple states’ unique and constantly changing data privacy laws.

Ethical Issues in Advising Business Clients

The definition of “organization” as a client, counsel’s responsibilities to various stakeholders of the organization, and how to advise businesses with operations and employees in multiple jurisdictions.


View full program, faculty, CLE, and ticketing information here.

Learn more about Seed IP partner Brooke Quist.

Learn more about Seed IP associate Brigid Mahoney.

More about Washington State Bar Association (WSBA).

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