Seed IP Law Group is a proud sponsor of SERENDIPITY 2020 – the first women’s global, virtual entrepreneurship and leadership summit of its kind, to be held September 14-18. Taking place over the course of five days, the conference will feature 85+ speakers and 30+ sessions. Seed IP partner Hayley Talbert is scheduled to speak at the conference on September 16 at 1:00-2:00 p.m. PST, in a program entitled “Ask Me Anything with Patent Attorney Hayley Talbert,” at which she will address questions pertaining to patent and trademark protection.

SERENDIPITY 2020 is a personal and professional development summit uniting more than 1,000 entrepreneurial women and leaders across experiences and industries with personalized online workshops, curated networking meetings, engaged discussions, talks, a startup alley, and the yearly virtual founder funder lounge. Those attending the annual summit include entrepreneurs, leaders and aspiring leaders, late-stage entrepreneurs to learn and give back, startup ecosystem partners, angel investor and institutional investors, and innovators.

The SERENDIPITY 2020 conference is presented by The GUILD – the leading global community for female entrepreneurs and leaders to learn, connect and grow together. It is a community platform for those seeking a business partner, investment opportunities, a leadership coach, co-founder, 1:1 introductions/connections, advisors, board members, and talent. It is an ideal platform for executives, career women in transition, job searchers, small business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs. The GUILD provides a unique mix of social gatherings and personal and professional development events gives one a chance to connect with and learn from a global community of courageous leaders, innovators, and female entrepreneurs – all who come together to collaborate on new ideas and business ventures.

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